Migrating to Atom

I started using Atom since yesterday after heard they also released the Linux version. Since I running 32-bit version operating system on my box, so I need to build from the source instead of install the .deb which is for 64-bit. When the Atom editor opened, its feels good to see the welcoming window. I am also excited to try many new things in this editor, as at the first time I am really enjoyed looking at the editor theme. I can stay all day long, just to code a things from this editor, but that would be a lie, since I don’t work straight 12 hours per day.

Atom Editor

Atom Editor

Try it out, you guys might also getting excited with this editor!

Implement Material Design in AngularJS

Last week I started working on a project to apply the Material Design into the AngularJS based application. I’m not quite sure how it goes since the application is already based on Bootstrap, and not quite sure which Boostrap themes I should use. Today, I kinda interested to use Polymer since it has a Paper elements, but not quite sure how Polymer can coexist in AngularJS application, so I google it using polymer in angularjs and found an interesting search result.

Angular Material

Angular Material

Angular Material! I’m started thinking like this is what I need. I think for now I will try Angular Material, and if its good then I will drop my intention to use Paper elements for now.

How do I work 12 hours per day

If someone told you he able to work 12 hours per day that would be a lie. Actually, it depends on how you manage the work time for one day.

If I told you I able to work for 12 hours, that would be a truth. How come? Well, I don’t work straight 12 hours per day.

So, how do I manage 12 hours of work per day? Its not that hard, I just need to chunked my work time to 3 parts, like working for 4 hours in the morning, 4 hours around afternoon, and 4 hours at night. The advantage of doing this I can slip my personal schedules in between, like after 4 hours working, I’m doing another things like clean up desk or even reading interesting books.

Updating to Node v0.12

Today I just noticed that I’m still using the old version of Node, v0.10.36 to be precise. So, I head over to Node blog to see what is happening. It seems to be there is an update for the v0.10.x contained a fix for CVE-2015-0278. I can just update the Node installed on my laptop to v0.10.37 and at the same time I’m curious what if I move forward to Node v0.12.0. I don’t really get into the Node v0.12.0 stuff, so I decided to update it to those version. At this point I’m not quite sure what changes that brought to the Node v0.12.0. There is a few great a places to start digging what’s new in Node v0.12:

  1. API changes between v0.10 and v0.12
  2. What’s New in Node v0.12