How do I work 12 hours per day

If someone told you he able to work 12 hours per day that would be a lie. Actually, it depends on how you manage the work time for one day.

If I told you I able to work for 12 hours, that would be a truth. How come? Well, I don’t work straight 12 hours per day.

So, how do I manage 12 hours of work per day? Its not that hard, I just need to chunked my work time to 3 parts, like working for 4 hours in the morning, 4 hours around afternoon, and 4 hours at night. The advantage of doing this I can slip my personal schedules in between, like after 4 hours working, I’m doing another things like clean up desk or even reading interesting books.

Updating to Node v0.12

Today I just noticed that I’m still using the old version of Node, v0.10.36 to be precise. So, I head over to Node blog to see what is happening. It seems to be there is an update for the v0.10.x contained a fix for CVE-2015-0278. I can just update the Node installed on my laptop to v0.10.37 and at the same time I’m curious what if I move forward to Node v0.12.0. I don’t really get into the Node v0.12.0 stuff, so I decided to update it to those version. At this point I’m not quite sure what changes that brought to the Node v0.12.0. There is a few great a places to start digging what’s new in Node v0.12:

  1. API changes between v0.10 and v0.12
  2. What’s New in Node v0.12