NetBeans IDE 7.3 RC2 is released!

NetBeans IDE 7.3 RC2

NetBeans IDE 7.3 RC2

FYI, the NetBeans IDE 7.3 RC2 is released a couple days ago, you should try it bro! Based on the NetBeans Podcast 63, the NetBeans IDE 7.3 is focusing on the HTML5 capability.

NetBeans IDE 7.3 empowers developers to create and debug rich Web and mobile applications using the latest HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS standards. Developers can expect state of the art rich web development experience with a page inspector and CSS style editor, completely revamped JavaScript editor, new JavaScript debugger, and more.

NetBeans IDE 7.3 Release Candidate 2 Information

So, try it now and see what NetBeans IDE 7.3 can help you on HTML5 project!

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