Dibutuhkan programmer yang penuh gairah untuk bekerja di Axon Digital

Programmer yang penuh gairah? Ya, jika kamu merasa bergairah (passionate) untuk bekerja sebagai programmer, s rasa kamu patut mencoba untuk melamar ke Axon Digital. Teman saya Arie, sedang mencari programmer yang berbakat dan siap untuk bersama-sama menghadapi tantangan menarik! Tertarik untuk melamar? Silahkan baca pengantar mengenai lowongan pekerjaan yang sedang dibuka:

We are an IT company focusing in mobile and multimedia applications. We make awesome brand campaign apps, social media games, and tablet apps. And now we currently need a kickass programmer like you to expand our team.

We offer a remote working environment, so you can work from home. Though we still need to meet occasionally to discuss things, perhaps over coffee (and cigarettes if you‘re like us).

What we need is someone with a good understanding of Object Oriented Programming. It would be a great plus if you know PHP/MySQL and ActionScript3.

If accepted, we need you to be ready for work immediately. So send that portfolio and a bit about yourself (perhaps your Twitter/LinkedIn profile) as soon as possible to us. Send your credentials to: ari.setyo@gmail.com

Arie M. Prasetyo Principal & Founder, AxonDigital

AxonDigital office
Hackerspace Bandung, Jl. Rereng Wulung no.33
Sukaluyu, Bandung

AxonDigital is a subsidiary of PT. Idea Imaji Persada

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