Code template for post HTML form in NetBeans

Code templates are prewritten snippets of code provided by NetBeans IDE. You can paste a snippet into your code by using code completion or the template’s abbreviation followed by the Tab key.

NetBeans provided the code templates to makes the developers life easier, it’s a snippets of code that you can use to increase your development productivity. Such a tedious task if I have start over and over again to write an HTML form from the beginning. So I came up with an idea to create the code template for this one, a code template for post HTML form. Below is the code template of post HTML form:

<form id="${id}" action="${action}" method="post" name="${name}">

If you want to copy it, access the gist page or clone it by using the public gist URL git:// If you didn’t know how to add the new code template, maybe you want to check my another blog post that explain how to add a new code template in NetBeans IDE.


One thought on “Code template for post HTML form in NetBeans

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