Blaast: Competition, latest update

Hope you’re all doing well. Just wanted to give you a heads up in regards to the competition. As communicated earlier the winners will be announced first week of September.

As you might recall there were two categories in the competition one for students and one for the non-students. We received a lot of apps in the latter category but very few in the student one. Maybe the timing was wasn’t the best for students since the competition took place during the summer break.

So in order to give students a fair chance to participate in the competition we will prolong the submission period for the student category until October 30 2011. Students who already submitted their apps would of course be able to submit updated ones until the deadline.

We will also hand out some additional swag to the developers in the student category who already submitted their apps. This will be done when the winners in the non-student category are announced, on the first week of September.

Dikutip dari

Hadiah yang bisa kalian dapatkan:

  1. Macbook Pro
  2. Trip to Europe
  3. Smartphones

Ayo, buat teman-teman yang masih berstatus sebagai pelajar atau mahasiswa ikut kompetisinya! Buat aplikasi mobile yang berguna, menarik dan cool tentunya!

Have a blaast coding!


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