Publish your Blaast Application

Tanggal 8 Juli 2011 yang lalu, Blaast kembali memperbaharui Blaast SDK. SDK terbaru yang dirilis pada tanggal 8 Juli 2011 tersebut akan memudahkan kita sebagai pengembang aplikasi untuk publish aplikasi yang sudah dibuat.

This release introduces automated publishing of your application to Blaast. We’ve also fixed many other issues that have been reported by developers. You can check the complete list of fixes in the changelog, at the end of this article.

Changelog for this version :

  • Added a new API call to the application object that allows you to asynchronously load image resources. You can use this feature to implement your own visible loading states. Check the new bundled example example.ImageLoading.
  • You can now take screenshots of your applications. Access it from the Device menu. Screenshots will be written to your Desktop in Windows and MacOSX and to your home directory in Linux.
  • Alt-Clicking an user interface element now opens the corresponding entry in the Property Viewer.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the sending of floating point numbers from server to client.
  • Fixed an issue where if your Rocket’s IP address changed the Test Client wouldn’t be able to connect.

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